Chisel A WordPress Development Framework

Code Quality

Chisel uses various tools to increase quality of your code

Prettier – code formatter

Prettier is a code formatter which can automatically format your code when you save file. Your code then automatically conforms to the project’s coding standards and passes linter checks.

Prettier comes preinstalled with Chisel and it’s synced with Eslint and stylelint (see below).

One of the easiest ways to use Prettier is to install a plugin for your favourite editor. See Editor Support section on Prettier’s homepage.

ESLint – JavaScript linter

ESLint is JavaScript linter which analyze your JavaScript source code for potential errors, stylistic issues, etc.

stylelint – CSS linter

stylelint is a CSS linter that helps you avoid errors and enforce consistent conventions in your stylesheets.

HTML Validation

On the front-end projects, HTML files are valided with htmlhint

How to tell linters to ignore your code

Linters check the source code when you run npm run build. If for any reason you’d like the linters not to check your source code (for example, you are not able to fix the errors), you can do the following:

  • add src to .eslintignore to make ESLint ignore your JavaScript files
  • add src to .stylelintignore to make stylelint ignore your SCSS files

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