Chisel A WordPress Development Framework


Once your project is setup, you need to add pages, you will be working on, to it.

Adding pages

From the command line type:

yo chisel:page "Page Name"

for example

yo chisel:page "Home"

You can also create multiple pages at once by separating page names with space:

yo chisel:page "Home" "About Us" "Contact Us" "News"

WordPress Website

When you add a page on WordPress project:

  • Twig template is automatically created in wp/wp-content/themes/[your-theme]/templates/page-{page-slug}.twig
  • Page is accessible at project-name.test/{page-slug}
  • If you haven’t before, flush the rewrite rules Settings -> Permalinks -> Save changes

Front-end templates

When you add a page on front-end templates project, the project index is regenerated and the page is added to it.

Removing pages

On the front-end templates project you can remove pages by deleting them from .yo-rc.json and running yo chisel:page (without any page name) to regenerate the project index.

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