A modern development framework for WordPress and static websites

Craft fast and easy to maintain WordPress and static sites. Use the power and simplicity of Timber and Twig. Make your CSS scalable and maintainable with ITCSS. Get rid of tedious manual tasks with Chisel’s modern development workflow.

Why Chisel

  • Simplicity and power of Timber and Twig

    Use Chisel to build WordPress websites based on a popular Timber library. Or build a static website using the same Twig template engine and store the content in markdown files.

  • Scalable and maintainable CSS with ITCSS

    ITCSS stands for Inverted Triangle CSS - it’s a CSS architecture created by a renowned CSS author, Harry Roberts. CSS in Chisel’s projects is organized according to ITCSS and helps you to keep your project styles scalable and maintainable.

  • Modern development workflow

    JS/SCSS bundling with hot reload, JS/SCSS linting, hashed and revisioned static assets, React support and many others... Chisel comes with a lot of features which help you to develop your project faster and with higher quality.

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Built with Chisel

  • Monte Carlo Landing Page
  • Club Oenologique Landing Page
  • Payette Landing Page
  • Xfive Landing Page
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