The following software needs to be installed if you want to setup and develop projects with Chisel

These installations need to be done just once so you can skip this section if you have the software already installed.


Install Node.js so you can work with npm, Node package manager. Version 10.14.2+ or 12+ is required.


Install Chisel globally. In your command line type:

yarn global add generator-chisel
# or
npm -g install generator-chisel

If you want to update your existing Chisel installation to the latest version, also run:

yarn global add generator-chisel
# or
npm -g install generator-chisel

Apache, PHP, and MySQL

If you want to develop WordPress projects, you need to install Apache, PHP, and MySQL. The easiest option is to use development environments like MAMP or XAMPP. If using MAMP, check Allow network access to MySQL.

If you are on macOS, we recommend to install necessary packages with Homebrew according to the following guides:

Known Issues

Error: Too many positional arguments: 1

If you run chisel create command on Windows with npm v6 installed, the project creation may end with this error when attempting to set up database. The issue can be resolved by updating npm or using Yarn.

mysql or mysqlcheck not found

Chisel is using WP-CLI for most WP-related operations. WP-CLI is using mysql and mysqlcheck binaries, so check out if you have mysql and mysqlcheck binaries in your $PATH by running the following commands:

mysql --version
mysqlcheck --version

Problems with installation?

Submit an issue at GitHub with a label question or write us to the e-mail We are happy to help.