Chisel A WordPress Development Framework


The following software needs to be installed if you want to setup and develop projects with Chisel

These installations need to be done just once so you can skip this section if you have the software already installed.


Install Node.js so you can work with npm, Node package manager. Version 6+ is required.

Yeoman & Chisel

Install Yeoman and Chisel globally. In your command line type:

npm install -g yo generator-chisel

If you want to update your existing Chisel installation to the latest version, run:

npm install -g generator-chisel

Apache, PHP and MySQL

If you want to develop WordPress projects, you need to install Apache, PHP and MySQL. The easiest option is to use development environments like MAMP or XAMPP but you can also customize your development environment on Mac.

Chisel is using WP-CLI for most WP-related operations. WP-CLI is using mysql and mysqlcheck binaries, so you need to have mysql and mysqlcheck binaries in your $PATH.

Problems with installation?

Submit an issue at GitHub with a label question or write us to the e-mail [email protected]. We are happy to help.

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